Three times the fun!!!  Solartrike canopy single and the new tandem solar quad!
We pass GAS! Do you?

recumbent solar trike, solar car, solar bike
Three times the fun!
Finally an adult trike you can ride!
We have a 170 watt canopy and a 255 watt tandem when you just need company along for the ride!  Can run strictly off solar panels for a speed of 8-15 mph without pedaling!!! 12-18 mph running on batteries depending on model!!!
Prototype photos in the photo corner!

You owe it to yourself!

The way a recumbent trike should be!

170 to 255 watt solar panels      200 to 1000 watt motors

12-16mph with limitless range in full sun!

Excellent commute range.         Low cost alternative to an automobile.

Comfortable and easy to maintain.

Street legal! No license needed!

We sell plans!
If you have purchased plans and need assistance, tech support is always FREE!!!

However questions about your own design, business or technical questions will be answered on a consulting basis @ $100/hour pre-paid.

A solar bike is fun and easy to ride. 

A solar bike is great exercise!

A solar trike is the best value for you money!

The solartrike is the next wave of the future!

The new breed of solar bike. And now a tandem quadricycle!

Something EVERYONE can ride from an afternoon ride, to that needed exercise regiment even is a perfect adult trike for someone with a disability or other limitation.

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Awsome solartrikes
solar bike front mount
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The new solar recumbent bike!
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